Imaging Systems

In Simtek Conference, we provide indoor and outdoor (outdoor) display, watch-out systems, various projection devices and image infrastructure systems, indoor and outdoor applications, rental and sale in the field of display systems.

We display our LED screens in various pixel ranges (2 mm-20 mm), in different sizes and sizes according to the place to be applied, and we will make free discovery of the area to be installed and specify the necessary dimensions and formations and then install and install them on the podium or on the truss system. We make the desired sales as a fixed installation.)

Watchout system; Professional image systems that add value and privilege to your meetings that are obtained by merging images from different sources, such as slides, meeting logos, where there are multiple different views such as camera image presentations and presentations, on a screen of a desired size, and by moving them to a single main screen with the image desk and interfaces.

Depending on the size of the hall and the number of people, our projection devices are among the 2500 and 20000 armistice forces, and we are in the position to receive the most ideal and high quality visual studio.

Depending on its size, we can project the rear of the hall from the area you want with distant and close lenses.

We can capture the maximum image quality with Front and Back curtains.

In light systems we make robot light, stage painting, light table and truss setup.

We work with many brands and we give effort to give our valuable customers maximum quality.

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