Simultaneous Translation Systems

Simultaneous translation or simultaneous translation is the type of translation that the translator translates a word or text into the target language at the same time.

Simultaneous translation is done through equipment such as a soundproofed cabinet, microphone and headphones, and is transmitted to the listener via headphones. The use of quality equipment is crucial for a successful simultaneous translation.

Simultaneous translation is a translation method that takes less time and requires technical means to translate in multiple languages. For this reason, in international organizations, scientific and academic conferences, press conferences have become a widely used method of translation for private sector events such as product launches.

Our company's inventory includes professional translation and conference equipment called Bosch Integrus DCN system. The audio quality is in mp3 format and is the top level system in Shu'an market.

We also provide simultaneous (simultaneous) translation and consecutive (interpreting) translation services for your requested dell meetings with our expert translators.

About Integrus Systems

The system consists of Delegate Units, radiators that provide infrared distribution for the translation system, and also wireless infrared receivers.

The Bosch Integrus operates from 2 Mhz to 6 Mhz in the high frequency range and provides excellent sound quality at every point of the room without being affected by the ambient lighting system so that the listener enjoys the best sound quality.

The Interpreter Unit is the most preferred equipment for translators in Europe and many other countries of the world. 16 channels and the latest system which allows more language output when requested.

Receiver (Listener Headset): The technology that enables listeners to listen to the broadcast in mp3 quality, which is based on the infrared principle used by the listeners to listen to the translations, is ergonomic devices that provide high ease of use.

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